How to push language and task dataset_info?

I would like to update, via python, informations like languages and task

dataset_info = DatasetInfo (
    description="Notícias da em pt-br",
    #languages=["pt-br"],  # Idiomas do conjunto de dados
    #tasks={"classification", "ner", "summarization"}  # Tarefas suportadas

dataset = Dataset.from_json(file_name)
dataset_name = "cnn_news_ptbr"

dataset.push_to_hub(dataset_name, token = token)

If I tried those params on DatasetInfo they dont exist, how can I do that?

Hi! We now store this metadata in the README’s YAML block. You can find more information in the docs here. And to update them programmatically, you can use huggingface_hub’s RepoCard API.

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