How to push model trained with pytorch_lightning in hugging face?

I finetuned the t5 model and I want to upload it on my hugging face library.
I have my directory, where I save tokenizer and model.


Here are files in my directory:

config.json	   special_tokens_map.json  tokenizer_config.json
pytorch_model.bin  spiece.model

I logged in my account with:

from huggingface_hub import notebook_login


!sudo apt-get install git-lfs
!transformers-cli repo create my-t5-qa-legal
!git config --global my email
!git config --global "MariamD"
!git init
!git add .
!git commit -m "Initial commit"
!git remote add origin
!git push  --set-upstream origin master

but this gives me the error:

fatal: unable to access .....Port number ended with 'a'