How to run image classification on image url

My dataset has all of its photos as jpg urls, which are all strings. How can I run an image classification model like base ViT or ResNet-50 to convert the string to images?

I usually use the requests module for that (which is part of Python):

from PIL import Image
import requests

url = ''
image =, stream=True).raw)

So would I have to define a function to go through all of the rows in the ‘Image’ column? How would I accomplish that?

Or is there a way to convert the column into the feature type for images?

Yes you can probably map them all to Pillow images and then cast to the Image feature:

from datasets import load_dataset
import requests
from PIL import Image

def to_pillow(examples):
    urls = examples['Photo']
    images = []
    for url in urls:
      image =, stream=True).raw)
    examples['image'] = images
    return examples

dataset = load_dataset("TheNoob3131/mosquito-data")
dataset =, batched=True)

from datasets import Image

dataset = dataset.cast_column('image', Image)

I’m going to cc @mariosasko here (map seems to very slow). Alternatively, you can do:


to do this on the fly.

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You can make it much faster by doing it in parallel by the way :slight_smile:

dataset =, batched=True, num_proc=4)
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