How to see Taxi-V3 code?

Hello everyone

I’m new to HF and I need some help.
I want to write the code for Taxi-V3 but I want to have a reference to lean on while writing my code. I went over other people’s solutions, but all i could I find is model evaluation and not the code it self. I assume I’m missing here something so I write this message. Where and how can I find the code for Taxi-V3?

hi @Natzk maybe you’re looking for the reinforcement learning class?
cc @ThomasSimonini

hi @radames
thank you for you reply. Yes, that’s what I mean.
I went over the lessons, forums and the given models in the git, but none of have an example of the code for Taxi-V3 to use as a reference. Is it on purpose or I’m didn’t look at the right places?