How to turn WanDB off in trainer?

I am trying to use the trainer to fine tune a bert model but it keeps trying to connect to wandb and I dont know what that is and just want it off. is there a config I am missing?

import os
os.environ[“WANDB_DISABLED”] = “true”
This works for me.

alternatively, you can disable the weights and biases (wandb) callback in the TrainingArguments directly:

# None disables all integrations
args = TrainingArguments(report_to=None, ...)

It should be “none”, not None


Hi after doing that i have the following error: “Error: You must call wandb.init() before wandb.log()”

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Hi @hiramcho, check out the docs on the logger to solve that issue. You just need to call wandb.init(project='your_project_name') somewhere before you start using the logger.

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