Hugging face space access only from website

Hello there.I want to embed a hf space on my website,is it possible for the users of the space to access it only from my website and not from hugging face or by directly writing the space url.

Hi @nbaru

To understand your use case, would your whole website be a Space? or would you have a website with an iframe (or Web component) embed of a Space inside of it?

The second choice.

(if your whole website is a Space, we might have an option for you in the future (“custom domains”))

Ok, then no, we don’t really have this feature for now. Will keep in mind for the future! cc @osanseviero @sbrandeis for visibility

What is the difference or just embedding the space as a website page using iframe?

Tell me more about this.

it’s very preliminary but we’ve been thinking about custom domain hosting as an option in Spaces

So it means the space will be accessed only from the custom domain only?

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Would that happen soon?

We don’t have an ETA yet, i would guess around end of year!

How about this?

Will the space only accessed by the domain and not hugging face?

yes that’s correct

Thank you so much for your valuable time!