I am beginner, I need guide and help

as you see in the title I am beginner to transformer and python.
my task is : Abstractive summarization in Arabic language by using transformer (fine-tune a model)
as a start point, I was trying to apply the coding in this link Deep-Learning/Tune_T5_WikiHow-Github.ipynb at master · priya-dwivedi/Deep-Learning · GitHub
but I faced some errors and difficulties. so, I stopped coding and i am trying to learn more about transformers , tensors, tensorflow,…etc.
but I feel I am confused and time is running without any progress.
could you please help me with some tutorials or some code that is similar to my task (it is preferred the code has comments explain it ) ?
also if you can guide me with steps that I can follow it to achieve my task ( in other word I need some one to explain me the basic things that help me to start coding my model)

You can start by following our free course. It will teach you everything about Transformers, but note that it assumes some basic knowledge about deep learning.