I am not allowed to use API? WTF?

When I try to use HuggingfaceAPI, it gives an big error!!! why the fucking this happened??

It appears that one or more of your files contain valid Hugging Face secrets, such as tokens or API keys. It is important to keep your secrets private and not expose them in code that is publicly accessible. Read more: Spaces Overview Offending files: - kaggle/working/notebook.ipynb (ref: refs/heads/main, token: ‘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’)

the error prevents me from accessing the API!!

I just encountered the same error as you. This error probably means that some of the files you uploaded contain your token, and doing so violates certain privacy agreements, so you need to remove these tokens. I am The parameter hub_token has been removed from the parameters of the training model, and the newly generated files can be uploaded correctly.