Initializing T5Encoder model

Hi, I want to get the final hidden state representations of few sentences. So, I decided to use the T5EncoderModel and my code from this example from huggingface: T5

When I initialize the T5Encoder model, I get a warning saying Some weights of T5EncoderModel were not initialized from the model checkpoint at t5-small and are newly initialized: ['encoder.embed_tokens.weight']). I am worried if this means that the embedding matrix of size (vocab_size, model_hidden_size) Is being newly initialized.

I want to get the best representations for sentences and if the embeddings were newly initialized, I guess the hidden_state representations will not be the best ones to use.

I want to know if:

  1. The above warning actually means new embedding matrix initialization
  2. Whats the best model/method to get sentence representations?

Thanks in advance.