Int8 quantization working, int4 and float8 not

Following the example in the Readme, tried to run this:

        quanto.quantize(self.model, weights=quanto.qfloat8, activations=quanto.qfloat8)

and got (the error occurs later in the code, this line runs fine)

HuggingFace error: expected mat1 and mat2 to have the same dtype, but got: float != c10::Half

The same failure and error occurs when trying to use int4. This same line works with int8, i.e.

        quanto.quantize(self.model, weights=quanto.qint8, activations=quanto.qint8)

I’m not entirely sure if the failure is in my code or within the quanto library. I did successfully run the example within quanto when I changed it to float8. But I thought this error might be happening because there are types that don’t exist in pytorch, whereas int8 does.