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I am using the list_models function from the Hub client library. I have noticed that the return is a generator where formerly was a list, and that it will be added pagination on version 0.14.
Therefore, I cast the output as recommended (list(iter(list_models))). However, sometimes it returns just 10k repos and sometimes it returns the whole list of model repos. If I use the sort and direction parametres it will always return 10k repos, however if I don’t use them it returns the full length of repos.

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Hi Adem, thank you for reporting use this issue. We have indeed implemented pagination as we are getting more and more models uploaded to the Hub. I tried to investigate your issue but couldn’t reproduce the error. Could you please provide more information about:

  • the version of huggingface_hub you are using (run huggingface-cli env in your terminal and copy-paste the output)
  • the exact commands that are causing you to retrieve only 10k models
    Thank you very much in advance.

I made a quick demo Space here to check if I get the same issues as you but it doesn’t seem to be the case:


=> 133871 models

len(list(iter(list_models(sort="lastModified", direction=1))))

=> 133871 models

len(list(iter(list_models(sort="lastModified", direction=-1))))

=> 133871 models

len(list(iter(list_models(sort="downloads", direction=1))))

=> 133871 models

len(list(iter(list_models(sort="downloads", direction=-1))))

=> 133871 models

Hi @Wauplin, the exact command is:
hub_models = list(iter(api.list_models(full=True, cardData=True, fetch_config=True,sort="lastModified", direction=-1, use_auth_token=access_token))), and then it retrieves just 10k models. But if I remove sort and direction parametres, it retrieves all the models (133544).

I have also checked that the version is 0.12:

@ademait Thank you for your feedback. I am able to reproduce your issue and it’s indeed a bug. I opened an internal ticket (internal link) to get it fixed server-side. I’ll keep you posted if I have any updates.

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Hi @ademait . I’m getting back to you about this issue. It is now fixed server-side. If you tried again with the same code, you should not be truncated to 10k models anymore. Please let me know if are having any further issues :slight_smile:

Hi @Wauplin, I have just tried it. It is solved.

Thank you for the fast response. :slight_smile:

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