Latest Streamlit Version

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for the great application!

I was wondering, are there plans to upgrade the streamlit library to a more recent verison e.g. 1.4?

Many thanks

Yes, we’ll be doing this and it’s in the roadmap.

cc @cbensimon

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That’s great news @osanseviero
It would be great to allow devs to select streamlit versions as well.

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Devs can do this by specifying the sdk_version in the metadata (README file) as documented here.

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I am curious what the challenges are to automatically support the latest version of Streamlit.

Hey @osanseviero,

The sdk_version seems to be ignored. Streamlit 1.10.0 (latest) get installed regardless. I can see in the logs that the STREAMLIT_VERSION docker container argument is used. See logs here

Any way to use older versions? The current version breaks my space :frowning:

Hi there! The sdk_version should be set in the metadata, which is at the top. You should add a key in · lfqa/lfqa at main to specify the version

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Thank you @osanseviero I completely missed the metadata section. All good now

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