Linking datasets to organisation

We have uploaded a dataset hatexplain datset from a different account. How can we link this dataset to our organisation hatealert?

Similarly, we want to link the models trained using this dataset to the dataset page. How can we do that ?

Looking at your shared dataset, I think it was uploaded as a canonical dataset and not a community provided dataset (instructions to upload dataset). Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Answering your second question, if you want to link a dataset and a model, you can simply change the model card in the model repo ( For example:

  - bookcorpus
  - wikipedia

Here is an example

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Thanks a lot. Yeah, it was a canonical dataset. Is there a way to link it back to the organisation?

Hi ! Currently I don’t think the website allows to link back canonical datasets to organizations

What you can do for now is add a link to you organization in the dataset card, for example in the Dataset Description section