Load Dataset Fail for Custom Json Format

I have a json file that has the following format (used :
[ { “A” : string, “B”: list of string, “C”: list of list of bool }, sample2, sample3, …]

When I used load_dataset(“json”, data_files={“train”:data_path + “Data/train.json”), I got the following error:

datasets.builder.DatasetGenerationError: An error occurred while generating the dataset
pyarrow.lib.ArrowTypeError: Expected bytes, got a ‘list’ object
pyarrow.lib.ArrowInvalid: JSON parse error: Column() changed from object to array in row 0

What’s wrong with my procedure? The only thing I can imagine is that load_dataset() doesn’t support list of list. But I didn’t find this in the documentation, and the error message is also not explicit enough to see if that’s the reason.

Thanks in advance for any input :slight_smile: