Load Gradio space only once at build

The Gradio space below currently reloads everytime it is opened:

What would be the simplest modification to the space to load the leaderboard only once when building the space (& then the Refresh button already there could be used to refresh, but it loads instantly when opened)?

Ah I figured it out below! Just gotta figure out how to leave block.load(get_blocks_party_spaces, inputs=None, outputs=data) in the code but hide the progress now? Such that it preloads an old state but then updates behind the scenes

import gradio as gr
import requests
import pandas as pd
from huggingface_hub.hf_api import SpaceInfo
path = f"https://huggingface.co/api/spaces"

def get_blocks_party_spaces():
    r = requests.get(path)
    d = r.json()
    spaces = [SpaceInfo(**x) for x in d]
    blocks_spaces = {}
    for i in range(0,len(spaces)):
        if spaces[i].id.split('/')[0] == 'Gradio-Blocks' and hasattr(spaces[i], 'likes') and spaces[i].id != 'Gradio-Blocks/Leaderboard' and spaces[i].id != 'Gradio-Blocks/README':
    df = pd.DataFrame(
    [{"Spaces_Name": Spaces, "likes": likes} for Spaces,likes in blocks_spaces.items()])
    df = df.sort_values(by=['likes'],ascending=False)
    return df

DATA = get_blocks_party_spaces()

block = gr.Blocks()

with block:    
    gr.Markdown("""Leaderboard for the most popular Blocks Event Spaces. To learn more and join, see <a href="https://huggingface.co/Gradio-Blocks" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline">Blocks Party Event</a>""")
    with gr.Tabs():
        with gr.TabItem("Blocks Party Leaderboard"):
            with gr.Row():
                data = gr.components.Dataframe(DATA, type="pandas")
            with gr.Row():
                data_run = gr.Button("Refresh")
                data_run.click(get_blocks_party_spaces, inputs=None, outputs=data)
    # running the function on page load in addition to when the button is clicked
    #block.load(get_blocks_party_spaces, inputs=None, outputs=data)               


Ah can you try setting show_progress=False in block.load()?

Hmm it does still show the progress bar when doing block.load(..., show_progress=False). Also it doesn’t seem like it’s a supported kwarg:

Looks like a bug, then. It should be a quick fix, but would you be able to file an issue here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub