Load the Flores Data set

I am trying to load the Flores data set

the code which is given is

from datasets import load_dataset

dataset = load_dataset("facebook/flores")

This gives the error of config name 

""ValueError: Config name is missing"

Now if I add some config it gives me the some error

"HFValidationError: Repo id must use alphanumeric chars or '-', '_', '.', '--' and '..' are forbidden, '-' and '.' cannot start or end the name, max length is 96: 'facebook/flores, 'ace_Arab''.

How I can load the data of the specific language ?

Couldn't find any tutorial

any one can help me out?

@lhoestq @mariosasko

got that the syntax is like this

dataset = load_dataset("facebook/flores", "ace_Arab")

Hi, you can use get_dataset_config_names first to see all the available languages and then load the specific language you’re looking for:

from datasets import get_dataset_config_names


You can also look at the flores GitHub for a list of all the languages :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply.

It was not about languages it was syntax

a bit silly of me :smiley: