Loading dataset get stuck

I would like to load a dataset using the following command:

load_dataset("NLPFin/Quantitative101", data_dir="ComNum")

However, the process seems to be stuck and I’m not getting any output. Specifically, the command seems to be stuck at the following point:

Generating train split: 100000/0 [00:02<00:00, 49138.26 examples/s]

I would like to note that I’m using the latest versions of the required libraries, which I installed using the following command:

!pip install transformers datasets evaluate accelerate tensorflow -U

I’m running the code on a TPU runtime environment. When I switch to a CPU runtime environment, the issue does not occur.

Hi! I haven’t been able to reproduce this error. Perhaps you can interrupt the process (CTRL+C) when it starts to hang and share the error stack trace to make the issue easier to debug.