Looking for API service alternative to DALL-E 2


I’m building a web app where one of the features is supposed to generate images.

Currently I’m using DALL-E 2, but I’d like to know if there are alternatives to it, or people interested to build an alternative service.

The requirements are:

  • the service price to beat DALL-E 2 (currently $0.02 per 1024x1024 image)
  • to be as fast or faster as DALL-E 2
  • to accept unpredictable prompts

Regarding the prompts, can be a one paragraph summary of a random news article.

I’m looking for existing API services, or people who would like to create such service and be integrated in a publishing platform.

Thank you.

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Try stable diffusion and magicPrompt. Both you could develop your own spaces and API’s to inference and save your progress.

e.g. This space is a good mashup example: 🏭 Generated Text to Image Prompt Refinery ✍️ Gradio - a Hugging Face Space by awacke1

One of the best features of Inference API and Gradio is easy service API layer generation with standard open source patterns.


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A question about the Inference API.
The pricing is per hour. Is it possible to start/stop the instance as needed?
I’m asking because during development I’ll use it occasionally.

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