Looking for the multi-photo variation mixer that was recently removed from diffusionart.co

I’m new to this.

Recently, about a month ago I found a free multi image mixer on diffusionart.co that would allow up to 4 images to be blended together with strength levers and seeding , it even had a prompt window. I really loved how it worked.
Then in just days of discovering this site, several of the generators there stopped working. The only one in the batch that still did was the multi-image blender. However, in just the past two - three weeks or so, diffusionart.co took it off their site. All the other generators that didn’t work are fixed and are still available, but the multi mixer has disappeared. I have no idea if they’ll ever bring it back.

I want to find it again. Does anyone here know where to go?

The multi image mixer here that allows up to 5 images to be mixed, doesn’t work the same or produce the way I would like. Does anyone here know of what I am talking about? Grateful for some direction.