.map - function overloads my Cache

Hi im currently trying to map about 5000 audio files into my dataset in aws Sagemaker. When i try to do that, my Kernel crashes after a few minutes, i assume that the its overloading my chache memory… When i use map with only 1000 files it works fine! Does anybody know what i can do about that? That is my code and the function i you to process mydata:

train_dataset = train_dataset.map(preprocess_function, batched=True, batch_size=None, keep_in_memory=True, load_from_cache_file=False) def preprocess_function(examples):

def preprocess_function(examples):

   audio_arrays = [list(x["array"]) for x in examples["audio"]]

   max_length_audio = max(len(audio) for audio in audio_arrays)

   audio_arrays_padded = [np.pad(audio, (0, max_length_audio - len(audio))) if len(audio) < max_length_audio else audio[:max_length_audio] for audio in audio_arrays]


   text_list = examples['transcription']

   input_data = processor(


# return 'input_values': input_data['input_values'], 'attention_mask': input_data['attention_mask'], 'labels': input_data['labels'], 'decoder_attention_mask': input_data['decoder_attention_mask']
return {"input_values": input_data['input_values'],
        "attention_mask": input_data['attention_mask'],
        "labels": input_data['labels'],
        "decoder_attention_mask": input_data['decoder_attention_mask']}

You must be running out of memory.

You’re using batched map with batch_size=None which loads the full dataset in a single batch.

Instead you can specify a batch size that won’t load everything at once to avoid running out lf memory.

Moreover regarding padding, I’d suggest to not pad the examples during map, but instead in your collate_fn during training. You only need to pad to the longest of a training batch, no need to pad on the longest of the full dataset.

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Thx for the reply! By padding in the collate_fn do you mean that i should use a datacollator for example, where i pad my data and then create the batch size in the training args? Do you maybe have a code example for this? It would really help me!

Yup the data collator can take a batch as input and apply the padding :slight_smile:

I don’t have a code example but you can check the DataCollatorWithPadding that does tokenization + padding for example: Data Collator

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