Meta Persona an abstract adaptive neural construct

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_DESCRIPTION = “Meta-Persona Dataset Object”\

This new dataset is designed to solve this great NLP task and is crafted with a lot of care.

:frowning: [image|575x321, 75%](up load://nfoAskmJEO25xRecIlzlrXyeLh2.png)

This is an “abstract-adaptive” card like dataset object I call ‘meta-persona’

A meta-persona is an abstract neural construct like a fine tuned set of configurations including but not limited to:
-cache or full reset
-scripts for split, separate, concatenate, or coalescence
-and last but not least – a neural net search engine…

The key here is how easily identifiable these configurations will be considering the neural construct would be a personified interactive adaptive UI card or webapp sized social network profile with a few quick change configurations that can be made on the fly without hard-coding.

For instance; one quick change could be a drop down menu or toggle switch for:
-use cache?
-clear cache full reset?

The image below would be a good reference guide for the design of the adaptive card UI

Evaluation Metrics could be listed as a sequence of icons/emojis just to save space…

Each 'Meta Persona is an abstract neural construct of datasets/virtual corpora/custom script/configurations.

Fine tuned configurations like this:

:thinking:[image|690x381, 75%](up load://jMLQxZqyFRCklEv8vBo3YuTjIqd.jpeg)

Keep in mind 1 persona is not enough to reach the goal. Multiple personas working in tandem will be needed. In essence each persona is single member in a team/group/deck or role playing game party that when taken as a whole represents;

  • NLU
  • ideal use case scenario
  • desirable relationship simulation
  • hold up…

:thinking:[image|598x375, 75%](up load://AcEhBtO1YZnJ9U5E5PenEjxzihr.jpeg)

Lets just call the end goal – the front end of all this NLP pipeline

:thinking:[image|690x117](up load://fAN37rUtoyNnFIgDxG0PTP1uN44.jpeg)

Lets call it :arrow_up:

an “Avatar” of and for the user. :+1:

Anyways…It is important to mathematically or arbitrarily impose compatibility issues between personas.

Some personas may have an attitude and are (strict) in the ‘magic’ role which prevents the user from choosing certain ‘support’ personas. I don’t mean that literally just used that as an example to explain the incompatibility of personas – like a give and take or a balance to strike. If the user does select incompatible personas it will be counter-productive as in diminishing returns either as a direct consequence or an arbitrary imposed consequence.

On the flipside some personas are fundamental or happy go lucky personified as someone or something that is always ‘happy’ and gets along with everything…so open not strict. Does that make sense?

If the designer cards are too small or too stylish something like this image below would suffice I think?. Including playful descriptions of the neural construct or just a succinct on the nose descript like this…

:thinking:[image|690x433, 75%](up load://ktAC5DyMttnRJQEbgnVnFTLUbHW.jpeg)

For my avatar I would need;
-Sherlock Holmes
-Einstein or hawkings
-Alan Watts
-Jackie Chan
----- probably should set a limit to 5 maybe? ------

5 meta personas to generate 1 avatar or ideal use case. Each of the personas hand crafted meticulously built as abstract adaptive neural constructs all backed by a growing library of datasets which in turn are backed by .map() or Apache Arrow table data…

FYI I am this…

:thinking:[image|514x441, 75%](up load://yZTlKWViA4XXcnZq8eT89o5fCqT.jpeg)

Cute Baby Groot :slight_smile:

What better way to build a neural construct out of fictional character?

It is going to be a lot of hard work. Indeed the whole huggingface team is grinding on adding datasets to the library right now as we speak.

However…instead of fine tuning the fine tunes and potentially overfitting the whole construct what if building neural constructs was more about an artistic expression then some standard deviation.

I suspect It may require a combination of figurative and declarative expressions to generate puzzles for users to assemble.

Thus completing the loop.

In essence the act of giving users a puzzle to put together puts the emphasis on the user to create the avatar by selecting their own preferred combination of personas into something the users can name and save/load like a VM state.

I suggest that building meta-persona as abstract personifications of neural constructs is more valuable right now. I say get creative fine tune a construct for the sake of creative expression first and foremost and continue until there is a huge diverse library of personified neural constructs. I am uncertain if this s a technological breakthrough or perhaps a killer app like PR and marketing breakthru…

This new user limitation threw off my whole pitch though… :frowning:

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