Model Billing Seems Awkward

Hello, I received a billing from through with the link for payment from two different models that I have trainned. Is the link trustworthy?

It just seems odd for me.
For instance, why would autonlp trust me and require me to pay only after a model is trainned and available for use? (usually, in other plataforms, you would be able to train only after providing paymet methods)
Why isn’t the billing on my hugginface/autonlp portal, and only in my email as I commented earlier?

Maybe this is because of the beta phase, but it seems sketchy or just a security fault if HF trusts users that much.
I am 100% willing to pay for the trainning, I just need to clarify the billing legimacy first, please don’t get me wrong.


hi @brandaobrandisborges !

The links are completely trustworthy.
We know that Hugging Face users are very loyal and in turn, we also trust our users a lot! That’s why we send an invoice only after the models are trained :hugs: (one invoice per project)

P.S.: If you have a pro plan, your CC will be charged automatically :slight_smile: