Page 404 for

Is HF no longer hosting, has it been pulled off?
I just stopped working today.


Looks like all the models from facebook have been pulled off. Wondering if anyone knows what happend.

It looks, like they’ve pulled off everything

similar error i’m facing for too

FYI I’m facing similar error for the toxicity model

psure all facebook models and datasets have just become unavailable: facebook (Meta AI)

Same here. All models from facebook have been taken offline. For now, facebook (Meta AI) says there are no public models. Is this an error in huggingface or from facebook? Help is needed here! Besides, how can we just use the local cache to load the models, without the need of accessing the currently unavailable page?

Now it’s working !

yes it’s back, thanks for the heads up

Hey, it looks like some models such as facebook/bart, facebook/bart-large, facebook/bart-large-cnn, and facebook/bart-large-mnli have been taken down or made private recently. I noticed this because when I tried running my old code, I got a RepositoryNotFoundError, but it still worked when I was offline (I think the transformer pipelines were using the downloaded model parameters). I’m curious if this change is permanent and if the Meta AI team gave any heads-up about it.

Cannot load any of the Esm models;

404 error: invalid

Are these models removed from transformers today?

facebook/esm models are the ones in question.

Thank you.

For context about the incident