Pricing for Huggingface Endpoint

I am a bit confused about the pricing model. Let’s say I deploy a model on a CPU Basic machine ($0.06/hour). So do I pay as long as the model is deployed or do I pay only for the compute time (e.g. I make 2 requests and every request takes 10 seconds to run, so do I only pay for the 20 seconds). I ask because I want to do a hobby project but don’t want to pay a lot for it. Alternatives like cerebrium only offer 3 models for their starter version :')

You can find the information in the documentation: Pricing

I have the same question as @baniasbaabe, I don’t understand how you calculate the price. Can you please give us more clarity? If I subscribe for one month, will I have to pay for 730 hours or only the number of hours that I have interactions with the endpoint?

From the link above:

At the end of the subscription period, the user or organization account will be charged for the compute resources used while Endpoints are initializing and in a running state.

So only compute time

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so does it cost less to keep a endpoint in a running state?

Hi @DigitalMantis In order to stop incurring cost on running endpoints, you’ll need to delete or pause them. We also have an automatic scaling to 0 feature!

You can check usage and billing at any time in your billing settings.

Hope this helps!