Private data and wget?

I used wget to retrieve data from my space on colab. It worked as long as it was public, but I made it private so it now no longer works. How do I insert a passcode, or PAT as I had to do with github?

edit: Let me add I have tried this but I get invalid user/password (even though the UAT is 100% valid) " https://USER:*password*"

You need to add the authorization header to wget:

wget --header="Authorization: Bearer <HF_TOKEN>" hf/file/download/url

(replace <HF_TOKEN> with your HF token)

I don’t understand. Instead of the https://USER:xxxxxx/xxxx/ above, I replace that with --header=“Authorization: Bearer <HF_TOKEN>” then “” where the HF_TOKEN is one that I created?

hi @GeneralAwareness here is the command, replace HF_TOKEN with a read token

wget  --header="Authorization: Bearer HF_TOKEN"

Good, I did understand afterall.

Thank you everyone.

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