Provided filename does not match any environments


I’m following the Deep RL Course. I am now on the unit 7, the challenge on training multiagents using the SoccerTwo environment. I create a notebook in google colab, downloaded the environment, set up this in the same way the previous environments were set up during the course. But, in the moment of training I get this error:

mlagents_envs.exception.UnityEnvironmentException: Couldn't launch the ./training-envs-executables/linux/SoccerTwos environment. Provided filename does not match any environments.

I was looking for info on google, I was trying to figure out, digging in the sequence of errors were is the problem but, going further what I see is that it doesn’t find the environment that is exactly in the same path as it said. So I don’t understand what is the problem.

Thanks in advance.

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I also face the same issue. Did you find a solution to this?

Check the filetype suffix - the course uses .exe, for my Mac I had to use .app. I also had to add an extra SoccerTwos as the location was …/ml-agents/training-envs-executables/SoccerTwos/

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