Push_to_hub Status

Hello All,

I’m new to HF and am wondering about the push_to_hub function. I just trained a model for over 5 hours in Colab and saved the checkpoints on my google drive. I’m now running the push_to_hub function and getting the output below.

Several commits (3) will be pushed upstream.
WARNING:huggingface_hub.repository:Several commits (3) will be pushed upstream.
The progress bars may be unreliable.
WARNING:huggingface_hub.repository:The progress bars may be unreliable.

This has been running for over 4 hours and I’m not seeing anything on the Hub except the initial commit. Is this typical? I’m wondering if I should keep it running for several more hours or if the process is actually stuck somewhere. There is no progress bar or anything to give a status.

Thanks you!

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Hi, I met the same error as you (I ran training and push model to hub in Google Colab)

I solved the problem (after many few hours):
I think that huggingface’s API got some bugs here, so my advice is as follows:

  • I run like above, it keeps hanging (sure)
  • I stop it, download folder hub/dqn-SpaceInvadersNoFrameskip-v4 to my local machine’s folder (edited)
  • because hub/dqn-SpaceInvadersNoFrameskip-v4 is a git repo now, so I can push to huggingface Hub by hand
  • my terminal commands to push:
  • git lfs fetch --all
  • git lfs push origin main
  • git push origin main

I am learning deep-rl course of huggingface, so the folder is hub/dqn-SpaceInvadersNoFrameskip-v4, you should find out what is your folder. Hope this helps :wink:

Okay great. Sounds like a good solution. I’ll give it a try.