Run Elasticsearch in Spaces

I don’t know how to run an Elasticsearch instance inside Huggingface Spaces. I’ve tried using a custom Dockerfile but it gets ignored

re. Dockerfile support cc @chris-rannou @XciD @cbensimon

In the short term you add dependencies to a requirements.txt file inside your repo

Hi! Thanks for answering :slight_smile:
Yeah, I know we can use requirements.txt to add dependencies, but what about launching elasticsearch inside the Space virtual machine?
I’m thinking about doing it programatically in Python, somehow

Ooops sorry I meant packages.txt (which gets installed with apt install) and not requirements.txt (thanks @merve for the heads up)

Hi @julien-c I still don’t think you can launch Elasticsearch by installing linux related packages using packages.txt, can you? You would need something that launches it, like a script