"run_lm_finetuning.py" was replaced?

Hello to all,

Looking at tutorials and examples I see that many do fine tuning with run_lm_finetuning.py. However when I install the latest version of transformers this file doesn’t exist, I haven’t found it in the github repository either.

So my question is if this file was discontinued, and, if so, what is the actual .py file that should be used for fine tuning of a language model?

It’s now here: https://github.com/huggingface/transformers/tree/master/examples/language-modeling

Great!!! Thanks a lot for your help

Any reason for the change?

I think it’s because the script can also be used for training from scratch so having “fintetuning” in the name made it not very clear for many.

Thanks a lot for you guidance

The link is outdated.

This is the new link: