Runtime error on huggingface spaces

So I recently uploaded my project on huggingface spaces which I made using gradio and it gives me the following error: Runtime error

failed to create containerd task: failed to create shim task: OCI runtime create failed: runc create failed: unable to create new parent process: namespace path: lstat /proc/0/ns/ipc: no such file or directory: unknown

Any idea how I can resolve this? Would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Same problem with a space with a simple docker container running just a FastApi in python (just a hello world)

Same problem trying to create my first docker space.

Found the fix: Referring to the fastapi_dummy template: the Dockerfile CMD is CMD [“uvicorn”, “main:app”, “–host”, “”, “–port”, “7860”], note the “”.

In the “Your first Docker Spaces” documentation: Your First Docker Space: Text Generation with T5, the Dockerfile CMD is CMD [“uvicorn”, “app.main:app”, “–host”, “”, “–port”, “7860”]
where the reference to the app object is “app.main:app”.

Working locally the fix is to change “app.main:app” to “main:app”. Here’s the gotcha: if you try to rebuild with docker build -t fastapi . , docker will used the cached image so I needed rebuild with the --no-cache flag: docker build --no-cache -t fastapi . and then run docker run -it -p 7860:7860 fastapi the app works.

Hey thanks a lot for reply I really appreciate it! I fixed it a while back, Its just as you said I tried to justreupload it and it worked

Hey, I also had a similar Runtime error and just needed to rebuild as well. Thanks for all the tips.

@AeroArtz Is this a type of bug in HuggingFace? I made a space , it works alright for somedays but suddenly randomly shows this error :

runtime error container logs: ===== application startup at 2023-09-04 11:52:18 =====

But then when i reupload the file again, it works! But this happens frequently

If anyone can help with it…?

I encountered an error with a slightly different message than @AeroArtz, which is the same issue as @itsanurag: Runtime error failed to create containerd task: failed to create shim task: context deadline exceeded: unknown. The space is “PDF Chat - a Hugging Face Space by peinan