Speech-to-chat app

Check out this streamlit app I call speech-to-chat where given an audio file or a youTube link it will

    1. Diarize speech
    1. Transcribe each speaker’s audio track
    1. Set up an LLM chat with the transcript loaded into its knowledge database

All that using OpenAI Whisper and gpt , and Hugging Face pyannote api developed by the amazing Hervé Bredin.

I regularly watch long form educational videos and this tool enables me to

  • Quickly summarize / analyze the content
  • Identify main bullet points and find the corresponding timestamps
  • Generate SEO keywords and more…

I learned a lot while building this app and it is mind-boggling the capabilities that are now available for content processing vs 5 years ago. I have not found an existing service/vendor that does the above, please share if you have seen similar tools.

The free version of the app is deployed on

Below resources were invaluable:

  • phData How to Guides
  • pyannote
  • Streamlit Forum

Please reach out if you have any questions or feedback!

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