Sshleifer/student_blarge_12_3 does not have a tokenizer_config.json file

Hello @sshleifer I was getting the following error
Can’t load tokenizer for ‘sshleifer/student_blarge_12_3’. Make sure that:

I figured out that tokenizer_config.json was missing in the files and versions tab.
Could you please fix this?

@valhalla Could you s3cmd cp the roberta tokenizer → sshleifer/student_blarge_12_3?

You got it! I’ve uploaded the tokenizer.

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a similar problem on a fine-tuned pegasus
fine-tuned model I used this script but it didn’t produce tokenizer files:


@Karimfayed you can raise a separate model card for the model you are using and then tag the author. He responds quickly. :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you. Fortunately the problem was solved.