Hello! This program is absolutely THE Bomb! :+1:

I was wondering just exactly what does the setting for the Guidance Scale actually do? For example, I did 3 sets with the title ‘creepy dark dilapidated carnival with ghostly scary balloons’ The first I usually have been setting it at 15. Then I did one set at 50 and the colours were all spazzed out, kind of like a Monet painting on Acid. Then I did the same generation, but with a Guidance Scale setting of the default 9, and interestingly, I thought the results were far more sharp and detailed then the set I generated at the Guidance Scale setting of 15.

Why would that be…? Shouldn’t the results be MORE detailed/defined at a higher setting. You can check out the results in the ‘Discussion’ posted to Community posts if you want to see the differences.

Also, why with the highest setting of 50 does it just go all total saturation with the colours? I had done some earlier ones with this setting and found the results to have super depth and realism, but not now. Everything just gets blown up with colour and blurred out.

Any thoughts or explanations? I would LOVE to be able to understand this better. Thanks kindly!