Strange problems with datasets-server

Due to strange thing, can’t access this query (failed with 500 response in 2 days already)

The same query for other language work well:

When you go to the viewer page, you can have a bit more information: gsarti/flores_101 · Datasets at Hugging Face

The full dataset viewer is not available (click to read why). Only showing a preview of the rows.

412 Client Error: Precondition Failed for url: (Request ID: Root=1-648091ec-6177c35b4d6fee2968b605ba) A commit has happened since. Please refresh and try again.

Error code: UnexpectedError

It’s a bug on our side (follow resolution at Catch commit conflit in parquet branch · Issue #1163 · huggingface/datasets-server · GitHub). I’m launching a manual refresh for the missing parts meanwhile

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Fixed on gsarti/flores_101 · Datasets at Hugging Face for all the configs and splits.

We still have an issue to fix (Avoid commit conflicts · Issue #1396 · huggingface/datasets-server · GitHub) but for now, the dataset is back to normality

The underlying issue is fixed!

500 server error on the same dataset:

the issue is fixed!

how sir? please explain.
i cant view the full dataset viewer

The full width viewer works for me: gsarti/flores_101 · Datasets at Hugging Face

But I see another issue with the search and filter :disappointed_relieved:

Looking at it. It’s unrelated to the dataset in itself, it’s currently affecting all the datasets.

OK, the search + filter error is fixed too.

For me, the dataset is now fully working. Please reply with a URL if you see another issue.