Super Beginner to NLP. I am not sure if what i did is correct. Please help

Hi everyone. I am currently doing a study on testing sentiment analysis on form 17A (the counterpart of 10-K reports) here in the Philippines.

I am a complete beginner to NLP per se but I do have some super basic knowledge on programming. I was wondering if you guys have some free time to look into my notebook and see if what I did was correct.

I tried using an un-tuned FinBERT model on various scrubbed texts on a document level and on a sentence level.

here’s a link to my notebook: MSFIN299-Research/02_FinBERT.ipynb at New-Features · jomarmartinezjordas/MSFIN299-Research · GitHub

Please be kind to me if what I did was wrong. :smiling_face_with_tear: (and please disregard the other contents of the repository for the mean time.)