Support for Mpnet models

Hi there, wondering if it will be possible to quantize Mpnet models for SentenceTransformers soon?

Hi @nickmuchi, thanks for pointing that out! We would love to add support for Mpnet and other new models, are you interested in opening a PR to add Mpnet?

Basically, to add the support for a new model there are 3 steps to follow and potentially 2 PRs in two repos will be needed:


  1. Add OnnxConfig in transformers → which enables the export to ONNX format.
  1. Register supported tasks of the model into transformers.onnx.FeaturesManager, by far you will be able to export the model to ONNX / use ORTModels for inference / use ORTQuantizer for quantization.


  1. If you are also interested in using ORTOptimizer to do some graph optimizations, then you shall open a PR in optimum to add the support of Mpnet in ORTConfigManager

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions, and I can guide you through this if you wish to contribute.

Hi @Jingya I have never opened a PR before but would love to if you are able to guide me please. Thanks.