Is there a way that I can export XLNet to onnx

I am trying to export XLNet to onnx using

!python -m transformers.onnx --model=xlnet-base-cased onnx/

but seems like its not supported

KeyError: "xlnet is not supported yet. Only ['albert', 'bart', 'mbart', 'bert', 'ibert', 'camembert', 'distilbert', 'flaubert', 'marian', 'm2m-100', 'roberta', 't5', 'xlm-roberta', 'gpt2', 'gpt-j', 'gpt-neo', 'layoutlm', 'electra', 'vit', 'beit', 'blenderbot', 'blenderbot-small'] are supported. If you want to support xlnet please propose a PR or open up an issue."

I was also looking at Exporting :hugs: Transformers Models but couldn’t find a work around.
I was wondering is there a solution that I can convert XLNet to onnx?
Thnaks :slightly_smiling_face: