Tech vet, where to start, and how to contribute to AI/ML?

Hi all, glad to be a part of the HF community.

I’m hoping for a little direction on where to look for a foothold in the space. I’m a technical expert with broad and deep expertise, including running infrastructure. I’m looking to put together my own personal crash course. I don’t need to transition into the space as an AI/ML expert (there are many here better suited for that) but I do want to roll up my sleeves a bit and get involved.

I’m open to other suggestions, but some things I’m thinking about include:

  1. Running my own models (on HF or otherwise)
  2. Training & Fine Tuning
  3. Providing APIs or other services for the community

Would love your thoughts on “We really need more people who know X” or other areas that would be good for me to dig into.

Thanks for any thoughts that you might have.