They should create an invisibility edit for photos with AI

I saw on YouTube a lot of Photoshop tutorials of how remove the people in photos from their clothing, making them invisible, like this:

But now imagine do that in seconds with the AI and not in minutes or hours like in Adobe Photoshop. There’s a lot of AIs to remove objects from photos but they doesn’t work to make invisible the people from images. AutoRetouch has an AI to make ghost mannequin but doesn’t work for invisibility.

They should a create an AI to make that photomanipulation, remove the people from their clothing in photos, making their bodies invisible. The users would upload a photo, select one or various persons who you want to make them invisible and the AI not only would remove the bodies without remove clothing, also would generate the insides of their clothing.
Less complicated than Photoshop. Unfortunately, for now that AI doesn’t exist, but it’s my favorite photo edit and I hope that the AI make it simpler.