Timeout error in hf space


I am getting timeout errors after one minute even though I use queue settings as instructed for long running queries in the documentation.

My hf space:

What am I doing wrong?

Still this is not solved. Someone please?

Looking at the logs here: Hugging Face – The AI community building the future.

I see this error:

websockets.exceptions.ConnectionClosedError: no close frame received or sent

Not sure what could be causing this to be honest, except for a very, very long inference process.

Does this code work for you locally btw?

Code works locally but I could do some more testing for longer audios. It always stops at 60.4 seconds or so in colab so I thought that I would need to enable some longer processing with queue=True and it should somehow enable running longer processing (At least based on some older discussions I read) but I see it is enabled by default.

Based on this I thought I should not need to add that parameter to run for longer than 60 seconds but it always stops then

Hi @RASMUS we previously had an issue with large file sizes not working with queuing enabled. Can you try again with the latest version of gradio (gradio==3.11.0) and let us know if you are still experiencing this issue?

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Still running into timeouts. It feels I have tried everything. Now even the dropdown menus stopped working: My testing space here Testii Whisper Cpp - a Hugging Face Space by RASMUS