Train stopped at 0%

My goal is to train a lora model starting from a database. I used this link to help me with the phyton script: LoRA
So I used the script at this link: diffusers/examples/text_to_image/ at main · huggingface/diffusers · GitHub
There are two problems:

  1. the script gives an error if I set num of workers greater than 0
  2. instead if I set a num of workers=0, the script does not give errors but the training remains at 0% even if I change some parameters such as the epoch

I used the command line parameters like in the link, changing lambdalabs/pokemon-blip-captions with lambdalabs/naruto-blip-captions.
What could be the error?

This is the error…

I discovered that it remains at 0% because the script stops at line 744. I tried to make some prints afterwards and they don’t come out in the logger.
This is the script: diffusers/examples/text_to_image/ at e1df77ee1ec0400195ad8dcb2099d137b34c9b9f · huggingface/diffusers · GitHub
Is there a problem initializing the vae variable?

Is it possible that the system is running out of memory before it even starts? If you reduce the batch size to one does it run?