Trying to access via API, but seeing an error

Greetings. Our team has duplicated this space: Grounded Segment Anything - a Hugging Face Space by yizhangliu

The code is identical. The only difference is that our space is private.

We’re trying to call this space/code as an API. When we click on the ‘API’ button on the bottom of the space, we see instructions.

When I try to ping via Google Colab (py), we see an error:


----> 4 result = client.predict(
5 “<actual image URL, removed to not trip 2 link limit>”, # str (filepath or URL to image) in ‘Upload’ Image component
6 “Howdy!”, # str in ‘Detection Prompt[To detect multiple objects, seperating each name with ‘.’, like this: cat . dog . chair ]’ Textbox component

4 frames
/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/gradio_client/ in _predict(*data)
674 result = utils.synchronize_async(self._ws_fn, data, hash_data, helper)
675 if “error” in result:
→ 676 raise ValueError(result[“error”])
677 else:
678 response =

ValueError: None

Here is our Google Colab notebook: Google Colab

Can anyone assist in finding why it’s not working?

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I can confirm, having the same problem

/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/gradio_client/ in _predict(*data)
    816                 result = utils.synchronize_async(self._ws_fn, data, hash_data, helper)
    817                 if "error" in result:
--> 818                     raise ValueError(result["error"])
    819             else:
    820                 response =

ValueError: None
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Have you solved this problem? Facing this problem as well. Confused for almost a week :frowning:

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