Trying to train simple custom chatbot w/ gpt-neo


I’m a newb and I’m trying to alter responses of a basic chatbot based on gpt-neo-1.3B and a training file. My train.txt seems to have no effect on this script’s output. Would you please give me an example of a way to alter the output w/ a training file?
Thanks very much.

from transformers import pipeline
from happytransformer import HappyGeneration
from happytransformer import GENSettings
from happytransformer import GENTrainArgs
import sys

if len(sys.argv) > 1:
prompt = sys.argv[1]
print(“== HAPPY GENERATOR ==\n”)
happy_gen = HappyGeneration(“GPT-NEO”, “EleutherAI/gpt-neo-1.3B”)

args = GENTrainArgs(num_train_epochs=1)
happy_gen.train("train.txt", args=args)

args = GENSettings(no_repeat_ngram_size=2, do_sample=True, early_stopping=False, top_k=50, temperature=0.7)

print("RESULT: \n")
result = happy_gen.generate_text(prompt)

print(“No input…”)

train.txt below

This is a discussion between a [human] and a [robot].
The [robot] is very nice and empathetic.

[human]: Hello nice to meet you.
[robot]: Nice to meet you too.

[human]: How is it going today?
[robot]: Not so bad, thank you! How about you?

[human]: I am ok, but I am a bit sad…
[robot]: Oh? Why that?

[human]: I broke up with my girlfriend…

Why not try DialoGPT instead? It’s trained to be a chatbot.