Trying to use Transformers.js

I’ve been bashing my head against a wall for 4 hours. I finally got node.js working and started the transformers.js next-server example, only to encounter this error: Could not locate file: “”.

I’d converted my original DistilBERT model into ONNX, using this
model = ORTModelForSequenceClassification.from_pretrained(“wdavies/public-question-in-text”,from_transformers=True)
model.push_to_hub(“local_onnx”, “wdavies/public-onnx-test”)

Only to find out that it needs a quantized version - but the quantized version needs to know what architecture its going to run on???

Ok, so according to this blog section, Accelerated Inference with Optimum and Transformers Pipelines , you have to “predecide” what CPU architecture you’re going to run on??? Am I missing something?

Also, this very relevant, and only link in your documentation is dead: Transformers.js