Two Prong Query about Conversions to Diffusers

I’ve been trying to get VAE from PT/safetensors/ckpt etc to convert to bin, for some reason it won’t do it, or if it does it gives me a 3kb file instead.


I’m trying to convert INPAINTING models to diffusers, and impliment it in my google colab, i’m aware this is sort of already discussed on github but before i really go any further, the questions i’m not quite understanding are:

the arguments about YAML files in the PY script for conversion that i already use - Are these ones i can impliment into my colab as strings (ie: when i go and set it up to handle file locations, and dump path) - so for example for inpainting, i’d want the inpanting YAML cofig file, would i then handle the configuration arguments the same way i have been with checkpoint and dump path?

Hopefully those explain my queries :slight_smile: