Unable to Download facebook/nllb-moe-54b

Hi All - This is my first time using such a large model on my local computer and I’m running into issues actually downloading it. I’ve tried a variety of approaches:

  1. I’ve tried downloading/installing the model with model = AutoModelForSeq2SeqLM.from_pretrained(“facebook/nllb-moe-54b”, force_download=True, resume_download=True). The last time I tried this, I would keep getting timeout errors which I was able to get around with resume_download set to true. This seemed to be working until it threw an error for file sizes not matching. Then when it restarted, it started an entirely new download (after I had already downloaded about 30GB of the model). I saved this by the way so if there’s any way to get it to start over correctly with this, that would be preferred.
  2. I’ve tried using huggingface-cli but it does not appear to have a “download” option on Windows so I’m kind of stumped there.
  3. I’m currently the in process of trying to clone the repo with Windows git but so far it seems like it may have timed out.

I could try just downloading the files from the repo directly but then how would I get them in the correct file structure and ensure I can actually call the model from my notebook? Any ideas on how I can brute-force this? I’ve been playing with this all weekend and it’s starting to get kind of annoying. Thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated!