Unable to download offline model, average_word_embeddings_glove.6B.300d

Hello All, exploring different models today.

I’ve had success simply downloading models, until this one.

Any advice?

Hello! :wave:

As per the docs here, this model is for use with sentence-transformers, not transformers :slight_smile: Click the “Use in sentence-transformers” button on the top right of the link for an example. Works like a charm :wink:

Hello @beneyal thank you for the response :slight_smile:

I’m confused, referencing the other models that are commented-out in my above screenshot, they all work fine w/transformers.

Some work, and some do not kind-of-thing?


All models are first and foremost sentence-transformers models, but some also support transformers. The docs for each model usually say whether transformers is supported, but you can check that also by looking at the files: if you see a config.json and pytorch_model.bin, it’s probably also supported in transformers.

Understood - thank you!

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