Undefined error on Inference API (serverless) for several HF text-to-speech tasks

I tried several TTS models on the HF web (by typing my text below “Inference API” on the right side of the HF page). Here are several examples, including my own:

All error messages are the same: Undefined (see attached). Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

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I have checked the call it gives the internal server error.

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I am also encountering an “Internal Server Error” while trying to use the Inference API for both my own fine-tuned Speech T5 model and the original Microsoft Speech T5 model. This issue persists across different environments, including Google Colab and Visual Studio Code.

I have opened a discussion on Hugging Face’s forum here: microsoft/speecht5_tts · Internal Server Error while using Inference API for Speech T5

If anyone has experienced similar issues or has a possible solution, please share!