Understanding a task, and choosing a model, for text feedback

I’m trying to understand the name of the task I’m trying to do. It seems that there are lots of models out there that are optimized for specific tasks, so I want to be sure I’m getting the right task/pre-trained model before I try to fine-tune.

My task is to take in a paragraph of text (say about 400 tokens) and output a feedback sentence on the text. This isn’t a summary, more like an “I noticed X, but it should be Y” sort of thing. For example, in a blue-sky world, perhaps my first paragraph in this post would get the feedback “If you don’t understand the task yet, I think you need to do a lot more learning” or something like that.

I can create a large-ish dataset for fine tuning, probably about 1000-2000 examples, although anything much larger than that is probably out of the question given my resources.

So I’m just wondering if there is an obvious task/set of pre-trained models that I might get started with, and if my fine-tuning dataset size sounds reasonable?