Unlisted Huggingface spaces

Is there a way to set the visibility of a huggingface space to be similar to the YouTube unlisted setting? In other words, (unregistered) users with a direct link to the space can access it but those exploring the platform won’t be able to discover it.

I would like to enable GPU for a demo and share it with non-technical users. I’m worried about making the space fully public, as that is likely to run up the GPU costs. Maybe there’s just a workaround to only enable users with a particular token to have access to paid hardware?

we’ve discussed it in the past but so far haven’t implemented it

cc @victor @osanseviero

What you can do as a workaround is to create an ad hoc org, set your Space to private inside the org, and add your users to the org

BTW, re. GPU costs we bill for uptime, not for volume of requests. So the price would be the same whatever the number of users (but latency might go up of course)

Let us know if this helps!